What Tools Do You Need For A Onewheel Tire Change?

For Christmas this year I’m getting a new treaded tire for my Onewheel GT, and as I understand it, many people have the same idea.

So you might be asking, “What tools do I need to change my Onewheel’s tire?”

Today I want to provide a comprehensive list of everything you need and some of the things you might want to change your Onewheel’s tire.

Tools you need:

A tire

There are lots of different options, I personally just ordered the Enduro so I’m pumped to try that out.

Here are some you might consider:

Future Motion stock treaded tire

The Float Life Enduro

Craft&Ride Burris

The Float Life Pioneer

The Float Life Street Pro 2

Bead breaker

This was a foreign term to me, but I’m not much of a car or tire guy.

Breaking a bead refers to breaking the seal between the rim and the tire.

There are a few ways to do this, but the easiest is to grab a gokart bead breaker either off Amazon or from Future Motion or even The Float Life or Craft&Ride.

2×4 wood plank (optional instead of bead breaker)

You can use this if you don’t want to shell out for the bead breaker, just place it on the edge of the tire and jump on it (lol).

The bits

T25 Allen [hex] Key or T25 impact/drill bit

Torx plus 45

Something like this will do.

As a note, depending on the type of tire and Onewheel board tire you are changing you might need a different bit.

The bits above are for the Onewheel GT.

For the Onewheel XR you need a 1/8″ Allen [hex] Key and 1/4″ Allen [hex] Key.

For the Pint and Pint X you need a T30 Torx and a Torx T15

Valve stem core remover

This come when you buy a bottle of tire sealant from The Float Life.

I think it comes with the sealant you get from Future Motion and Craft&Ride, but I couldn’t confirm this in either of their product listings.

Nylon tire lever

Don’t use metal, it’ll damage the motor and you can’t get another one of those unless you go to Future Motion and they aren’t cheap.

I literally just order this exact set, so I’ll let you know if I change my recommendation.

Air compressor or pump

I ended up getting this portable tire inflator, its pretty handy.

That said, you can always get one off Amazon that does the same kinda thing.

Tire sealant

Couple of different options here.

The Float Life Stay A Float Tire Sealant.

Honestly they all do the same thing, so just pick whatever makes the most sense for you.

How to change Onewheel tire

I don’t have a post about how to actually do the tire change yet, but that’s coming sometime early Jan 2023 after I get my stuff and make my tire change.

In the meantime, I really like this video from The Float Life and I think it covers everything well.

It goes a little fast, but who better than Jeff McCosker to teach you how to change a tire?

Wrapping up

If you have questions, hit me up and I’m happy to offer any advice I can!

I spend a lot of time researching these very good questions and trying to come up with comprehensive answers, one of the reasons I made this website is because I want to provide answers to the questions I was asking.

That said I’m not the end all be all of knowledge and there’s still a lot I don’t know, but I can probably get you pointed in the right direction!

As I get my hands dirty doing more of this type of thing myself my answers and knowledge will get better and so will my posts.

So stayed tuned!

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