The Onewheel GT S-Series

Future Motion just announced their newest Onewheel product, the Onewheel GT S-Series.

What’s New?

This board boasts a few new changes, but right off the bat, the biggest change is the price. The Onewheel GT S-Series clocks in at $3,200. That’s $1,000 more expensive than the Onewheel GT. Ouch.

The Onewheel GT S-Series claims to have upgraded it’s voltage from 75v to 113v, which is going to dramatically change several things about the board. The Onewheel GT S will have much better torque and hill climb ability, and a new higher top speed of 25mph. That is fast.

This likely means the board will have worse battery life and range because more of the energy is spent on performance, but no mention of battery life was made during the event.


The official page is now up and claims a 16-25 mile range for the battery.

In order for Future Motion to upgrade this board, they claim that they had to change the battery cells and the configuration resulting in a new Battery Management System (BMS) and a new power system, but they didn’t elaborate on what’s new or different.

Future Motion says that on this new board with new top speed of 25mph, pushback and the haptic buzz will trigger later than on a regular Onewheel GT.

Future Motion also claims they’ve upgraded several internals on the board including magnets, bearings and now coming from the factory with Future Motion’s new performance treaded tire.

This board also lowers the height by 5mm and comes with a new footpad for better comfort and control.

Somehow this board also weighs 2 pounds less than a Onewheel GT, meaning it comes in at 33 lbs, which is pretty insane.

Future Motion briefly mentioned this overhaul means a new charging system, but says that several of the old accessories will still work, but that was glossed over briefly.

Future Motion says the board is now available for sale on their website for $3,200.

I’m curious to hear more real feedback from the community on how the board is different and if it’s better or worse and what else has changed.

So if this board tickles your fancy and now you need to sell your old one, go check out the marketplace where you can sell your old Onewheel to fund your new bad habit.

Here’s a comparison guide for how the new Onewheel GT S-Series stacks up to the Onewheel GT and also the Pint and Pint X.

Onewheel GT S-SeriesOnewheel GTOnewheel Pint XOnewheel Pint
Top Speed25 mph20 mph18 mph16 mph
Range16-25 miles20-32 miles12-18 miles6-8 miles
MotorS-Series HypercoreHypercoreHypercoreHypercore
Stock TirePerformance Treaded TireSlick or TreadedSlickSlick
Tire Size11.5″ x 7″11.5″ x 6.5″10.5″ x 6″10.5″ x 6″
FootpadsS-Series Lowboy FootpadsConcaveFlatFlat
Weight33 lbs35 lbs27 lbs23 lbs
Digital Shaping5 + Custom5 + Custom44
Charge Time150 minutes200 minutes225 minutes120 minutes

See the whole presentation here

You can see the official page for the Onewheel GT S-Series right here:

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