23 Of The Best Onewheel Halloween Costume Ideas 2022

Let’s get right to it, Onewheel costumes are awesome, here are some of the best ideas I’ve seen out in the wild, with pictures where I could find them! These are awesome for Onewheel

These aren’t in any particular order, but I’ll highlight my favorites.

1. Marty McFly and his hoverboard (Onewheel)

Marty McFly with his hover board is a classic. This is a guaranteed chuckle at whatever trunk or treat you attend.

2. Aladdin on his magic carpet (but it’s actually a Onewheel)

This one is just golden opportunity. Super clever, super witty and great if you have a date.

3. Ghost on a Onewheel

Just grab a long white sheet and throw it on. This is one of my favorites because I think it would be hilarious to have a ghost just floating around. I seriously think this is hilarious and I do not know why, maybe that says more about me than anything lol.

4. Witch on a broom (Onewheel)

I couldn’t find any pictures or videos of this, which was odd because this seems like a no brainer. If you see any of these in the wild let me know and I’ll post some pictures.

5. Harry Potter on a broom (Onewheel)

I couldn’t find any Onewheel pics either, but again seems like low hanging fruit. If you end up going this route, send me pics and I’ll post it.

6. Snowboarder / Surfer Onewheel Costume


7. Silver Surfer Onewheel Costume

If you’ve got the body and the confidence to pull this off, you gotta go for it. In my case, its too bad fat Thor didn’t ride a silver surfboard.

8. Goku on Flying Nimbus (still a Onewheel)

14 year old me would’ve been all over this. Send me pics when you do it, its gonna be awesome.

9. Captain Morgan Onewheel

This probably isn’t for my crowd, but definitely a hit in the big cities around the bars I’m sure. Maybe you even get some free drinks, idk lol.

10. Mario Kart Onewheel

There’s also the version of this with the sitting chair, take your pick.

11. Luke Skywalker / Mandalorian on a Speeder Bike

I’m seriously considering this for myself for this year, I think it looks so dang cool.

12. Green Goblin Onewheel

I haven’t seen anyone do this one either yet, but this might be one I try in the next few years. I love this idea.

13. Grim Reaper / Zeus / God on a floating cloud

I’m partial to the grim reaper version of this, maybe add a little dry ice? Interesting idea none the less.

14. Guy paddling a boat

This is just hilarious to me. I kinda wanna try it with the sit down chair onewheel.


15. Train conductor

If this is for you, that’s awesome, send me a picture.

16. Alien inflatable

I underestimated how funny this is in real life. The idea of an inflatable alien riding a Onewheel is like haha ok, but the actual thing is really funny.

17. Iron man, Superman, Darth Vader or any flying hero (or villain) with a cape

The cape make it look awesome. Even a Batman costume on a Onewheel without anything special looks cool.


18. Riding a spider

I have no idea where to start building this, but I did think it was clever. Could also be good for like an alligator or something?

19. Any inflatable that looks like you’re riding it

These are always funny, I don’t care what you say.

20. Glow stick man

I underestimated how cool this actually looks at night, highly recommend. Would love to see more of it in real life.

21. Dinosaur

Same idea as the inflatable, I just think its hilarious.

22. Skeleton in a coffin

This is super clever.

23. Low effort Halloween Onewheel

Also as final note, the low effort option is just halloween-out your board with the orange and black.

Check out the orange fender here and the black rails here

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