Onewheel Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

Updated 11/24/22

The Onewheel 2022 Black Friday deals have landed.

Onewheel GT Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals


The Onewheel GT first launched in 2021 and the corresponding Black Friday deal was pretty awesome.

PR Newswire even reported on some of the sweet deals they had.

In 2021 here was the official deal:

When purchasing a Onewheel GT, it “will also include a free fender during Black Friday, a $85 value. Savings of up to $275 are available on Onewheel GT’s Elite Bundle which includes premium accessories including a GT Carbon Fiber Fender and GT Hypercharger.”

This is actually the deal I ended up taking advantage of to get my Onewheel, I ended up spending about $2,500.


The Onewheel Black Friday deals just dropped 11/24/22.

The Onewheel GT is on sale for up to $450 off depending on the bundle you get.

Onewheel Pint X Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals


In 2021 the Pint X deals weren’t quite as nice as the Onewheel GT deals, but they were still pretty good.

The official ad said “All purchases of Pint X will come with a free fender during the Black Friday Sale, an $85 value. Additionally, Launch Exclusive Bundle packages will be available with up to $160 in savings. Onewheel Pint X is shipping from stock and is immediately available this holiday season.

This is a great deal and one I highly recommend for new riders, you’re going to want accessories and there’s no better deal during the year than this.


Save up to $300 on the Onewheel Pint X with the highest bundle.

Onewheel Pint Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals


2021 saw pretty decent deals on the Onewheel Pint too.

Here’s the ad:

“Onewheel Pint is available for under $1,000 during Black Friday. It is discounted $75 with up to $160 in savings on bundles. Financing is available on all Onewheel boards starting as low as $54/month with Onewheel Pint.”

I’ll leave the finance part to you, reader, but this is a decent deal.

Personally at this point I wouldn’t buy the Pint and I wouldn’t recommend it to friends and family.

Not because it isn’t a great board, my first Onewheel was a Pint and I still ride it with my son all the time, but the Pint X is such a better deal.

The price isn’t that much higher, and you get way more out of it.


Save up to $200 on the Onewheel Pint this year.

Onewheel XR Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals


2021 was the last year Future Motion was still selling the Onewheel XR, it is no longer in the official lineup for Onewheel products.

That said, 2021 saw some awesome deals for the XR:

“The legendary all-terrain Onewheel+ XR is discounted $300 with as much as $500 available in savings on bundles. This is the deepest discount on Onewheel ever made available.”

This was a great deal and definitely one I’d recommend.


There are no Future Motion deals for the Onewheel XR in 2022. Check out your local skate shop, or my online marketplace.

Other Onewheel Deals

The Float Life

Update 1123/22

The Float Life Black Friday sale started today 11/23/22. Check out their sales here.

It looks like almost all of their products are on sale, so check them out.

The Float Life is my favorite third party accessory company.

Apart from the funny and educational videos, their community presence and their high quality products, they’re just nice guys who I love to support.

Craft & Ride

Update: as of 11/1/22 Craft & Ride’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are live.

You can see the products they have on sale here.

The sales are pretty good, here are some of the specifics:

10% off Craft&Ride Spectrum Magnetic Fender for Onewheel GT™

10% off Craft&Ride Cabrio Fenders for Onewheel GT™

10% off Craft&Ride Cabrio Fenders for Onewheel Pint & Pint X™

50% off Craft&Ride Spectrum Magnetic Fender for Onewheel+ XR™

30% off Craft&Ride Spectrum Magnetic Fender for Onewheel Pint & Pint X™

20% off Craft&Ride Rail Guards for Onewheel™

20% off Craft&Ride Grip Tape for Onewheel™

10% off Air Pad Concave Foot Pad with Gel-Tech for Onewheel™

50% off SilverHandle for Onewheel™

20% off Superow Backpack for Onewheel™

Craft & Ride is another great Onewheel accessory provider, I’ve purchased several products from them.

They’re great to work with and have a pretty huge library of products.


Amazon doesn’t have the largest selection of Onewheel accessories, but I find a lot of overlap with Onewheel’s and skateboards and mountain bikes.

I personally bought the Bell Super 3R MIPS full face helmet and I love it.

I hate wearing helmets, but I’ve had enough close calls that I wear one, and the full face looks a lot cooler than other dorky helmets, so that’s my go to.

It’s also just really comfy, and great for mountain biking when I do that too.

Floater Shack

Floater Shack has launched their 2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday sale.

Here’s their offering:

“Black Friday Sales now Live at Floater Shack. All accessories for Onewheels are now up to 40% off while supplies last. Only at Special gift pack comes with every order.”

One Stop Board Shop

Their sale started as well, check them out here.

They’ve got some cool aftermarket accessories, I haven’t purchased any of theirs before but I hear very good things.

Does Future Motion/Onewheel offer Christmas or holiday sales?

Outside of Black Friday Cyber Monday they don’t typically offer Christmas or other holiday sales.

They posted on Facebook in 2020 and said the only sales they do are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so if you want to buy one, that’s the best time.

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