How To Install An Apple Airtag On Your Onewheel

One of the better ideas I’ve heard for people who ride a Onewheel is to put some type of tracking tagger, like an Apple AirTag, in the board somewhere.

In this post I’ll show you how I put an AirTag in my Onewheel GT and I’ll show you how others have done it.

Method 1: The Low-fi way

I won’t lie to you, the way I did it is pretty low-fi but it seems to work great for me.

First, I wrapped up the AirTag in a bunch of duct tape to keep it safe.

Then I reached inside the rail of the Onewheel GT and carefully taped it in.

3 of the rails around the tire are full with cords and cables, but like you can see in the picture above, the bottom right corner rail has an empty space which allowed me to insert the duct tape AirTag pretty effectively.

I’ve had my AirTag in my board for several months now and it’s never fallen out or given me any problems.

In fact, I even shipped my board back to Future Motion and was able to track the whole thing with my AirTag inside my board.

I personally prefer this method because I’m not much of a “mod the board yourself” kinda guy, and the idea of taking a Dremel to my footpad made me a little nervous.

This was a low impact, simple way to get my tag in.

Method 2: The more involved way

For those of you more comfortable modding your board and making irreversible changes, this way is probably more secure, it just makes me a little nervous.

The idea here is simple, you take off the bumper of your board and carve out a small hole where the AirTag will fit.

My friend over at Destroy Boredom has a really good video on how to carve out the space and place your AirTag.

Pros and Cons

Method 1


  • Really easy to do
  • No permanent alterations
  • No tools required


  • Could fall out with rough riding or dirt

Method 2


  • Definitely not going to fall out, very secure


  • Permanently altering the bumper risks reducing the structural integrity
  • If you get new bumpers then you’ll have to repeat the process


There are a couple good ways to add an AirTag to your Onewheel, you decide which is best for you, all in all its a great idea to be able to track your board if you ever send it in for repairs or if it gets stolen.

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