14 Things you should know before buying a Onewheel

Onewheel has a video detailing 10 things you should know before buying a Onewheel. I’m going to post their notes here and then also add a few of my own below. Check out their video and my additions below.

1. Riding a Onewheel feels like snowboarding

The Onewheel was invented to recreate the fresh powder feeling when snowboarding.

Future Motion says riding a Onewheel is the closest thing to shredding powder on non-powder.

Riding a Onewheel is smooth and amazing and similar to other boards sports, but also completely different because of the big wheel in the middle of the board.

2. Onewheel’s are self-balancing 

As you ride a Onewheel, it kind of balances for you.

Gyros and accelerometers in the board keep you balanced, but you do still have to keep your balance with your heels and toes.

The most important tip is to let the board do the work for you and have fun.

3. Onewheel let’s you ride anywhere 

You can ride it on road, off road, on things, off things. Literally wherever.

The whole world is open to you when you’re on a go-kart tire with a mind reading computer.

Keep in mind you can’t ride on water, the board is water resistant, not waterproof.

4. Practice makes perfect for Onewheel mastery

Like any new activity, there’s a learning curve.

Yes it does balance for you, and if you have experience with board sports the learning curve will be easy.

In fact according to Future Motion, a recent rider survey shows that over 70% of new riders picked it up and felt comfortable in the first 30 minutes. 

5. The Onewheel doesn’t need a remote 

You don’t need it, totally hands free for max shredablilty.

In fact, you’ll have to figure out what to do with your hands, but don’t text and ride responsibly.

6. The Onewheel is built for carving 

The Onewheel is not a race-car.

It’s a carving machine.

This isn’t the fastest machine so if you want a Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) for speed, this is not for you

Onewheel is all about carving everywhere.

The most maneuverable, ridable PEV out there.

Onewheel opens up a whole new world of possibilities in urban and outdoor environments.

7. Onewheel pushback

A crucial piece of the Onewheel is understanding and respecting pushback.

You might be inclined to throw away the manual, but don’t.

Read the manual, don’t throw it away.

Pushback is the board warning you that you are maxing out the power the board has to offer.

Don’t push through pushback or you’ll come to regret it.

If you ignore pushback you’ll get a warning first and then the board will give and it’ll hurt.

8. Make your Onewheel yours & use the Onewheel app 

Don’t just buy it, customize it with accessories, fenders, bumpers, rail guards, mag handles, stickers, footpads everything.

You can even tailor how the board rides by using custom shaping so you can control how the board rides.

It doesn’t get much cooler. Bedazzle it. Whatever you want. 

9. Onewheel is assembled in the USofA 

Yep you read that right, Onewheel is proudly assembled in San Jose CA and designed in Santa Cruz.

Onewheel comes with a one year warranty, but it still has electronics so don’t ride in the ocean. 

10. Onewheels are not for everyone

Young, old, dog, doesn’t matter.

If you like to chase new experiences and do new things, this is for you.

If you like to sit on the couch, it’s not for you. No biggie. That’s why Xbox exists.

Shredding Eddie is 86 and he got up and rode around. 

11. How to get off your Onewheel

Getting off your Onewheel can be tricky, especially for beginners.

The easiest way is to enable simple stop.

Basically you slow down on a Onewheel where simple stop has been enabled and you lean back.

The board will disengage and you can get off.

The other 2 ways to get off are slow down and lift up your front heel or jump off.

Which leads us to…

12. Bail early and bail often

 Because these boards are built in the USA, they are built like tanks (usually).

The advice I give to new riders is “bail early and bail often”.

The board will likely survive any kind of bump, bruise or fall, you might not.

13. Always wear safety equipment

Multiple riders (myself included) will tell you its crucial to wear safety gear, especially if you’re trying to tricks or going off road.

I wear a full face helmet (see below) for everything. I figure if I get hit by a car my face should survive as much as possible.

14. Protect your investment

I highly recommend you buy accessories and protection for the board, not just you.

These boards are expensive, and you can buy replacement parts, but accessories are a lot cheaper, so armor up!


If you have any more tips, tricks or good ideas for things to know before you buy a Onewheel, let me know! I’ll get them added to this list.

Also, check out the original video here.

Original Video

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