Why You Should Buy A Used Onewheel XR

Ever zipped past a row of cars stuck in traffic on something that feels like a magic carpet? If you’re grinning at the thought, you likely know the thrill of riding a Onewheel. Now, imagine snagging that same rush without denting your wallet—enter the used Onewheel XR. This beast was crafted for the adventurous souls; the trailblazers and city commuters who crave that unique glide. Alas, the Onewheel XR’s journey hit a bump when the CPSC waved the red flag over safety concerns, leading to its discontinuation. But does that mean the ride is over? Far from it. The XR remains a cherished icon in the electric board community, its allure undiminished by controversy. If you’re part of the tribe that lives to carve concrete waves and doesn’t shy from a little grit, this is your invitation to a freewheeling world where the used Onewheel XR reigns supreme.

The concept of purchasing a used Onewheel XR carries with it a host of potential benefits that extend well beyond the initial cost savings. It’s a chance to join a community of seasoned skaters and electric vehicle enthusiasts who find joy in the unique riding experience that only a Onewheel can provide. Despite the CPSC’s safety concerns, the XR’s popularity endures, with many riders continuing to champion its capabilities for both trailblazing and urban commuting. It’s this undying passion for the ride that keeps the Onewheel XR’s spirit alive, fueling a market for pre-loved boards ready to roll into their next adventure.

Safety Precautions and CPSC Warning

The Onewheel XR, despite its discontinuation, still carries the torch for riders looking for a unique blend of excitement and utility. Yet, with great thrill comes great responsibility, particularly in light of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) warning. Dated November 16, 2022, the CPSC highlighted serious safety concerns—notably, several deaths and injuries attributed to riders being ejected from their boards. This sobering revelation from the CPSC serves as a stark reminder that, while the quest for adventure is admirable, safety should never take a backseat.

A snippet from Wikipedia gives us the hard facts: “On November 16, 2022, the CPSC issued a warning saying that consumers should stop using Onewheels, citing the deaths of four riders (three of whom were not wearing a helmet) and others injured after being ejected from the board.” It’s a chilling testament to what can happen when safety is overlooked.

Embrace the Helmet

The centerpiece of a prudent rider’s arsenal is undoubtedly the helmet. It’s not just a piece of gear; it’s a rider’s best friend in the face of an unexpected spill. A properly fitted helmet can be the difference between a close call and a call to emergency services.

Gear Up for Safety

Beyond the helmet, additional safety gear heightens protection. Consider knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards as essential allies that shield against scrapes and fractures. Remember, the road can be unforgiving, and concrete doesn’t discriminate.

Knowledge is Power

Before setting foot on a used Onewheel XR, arm yourself with knowledge. Familiarize yourself with safe riding practices. Understand the nuances of balancing, turning, and stopping. Knowledge, paired with respect for the board’s power, is a rider’s safeguard against the unforeseen.

Ride with Respect

The allure of the Onewheel XR remains undiminished, and many enthusiasts continue to ride with a blend of ardor and caution. Respect the board’s capabilities and your own limits. Ride within your comfort zone and always be mindful of your surroundings.

Community Wisdom

Lean on the community of riders for insights and advice. Seasoned skaters often share their experiences and tips on forums, offering up wisdom that can only be gained through miles of riding. Engage, learn, and pass on what you know.

The Onewheel XR’s legacy is complex, marked by both innovation and cautionary tales. While the CPSC’s warnings are not to be taken lightly, they serve as a crucial guidepost for riders who choose to continue embracing this electric marvel. With the right precautions and a commitment to safety, the ride can go on, ensuring that the thrill of the Onewheel XR lives on for those willing to respect its power and potential for danger.

Performance and Longevity of the Onewheel XR

The Onewheel XR isn’t just a board; it’s a testament to durable engineering and enduring performance. Its reputation for longevity isn’t just talk; it’s backed by a robust build quality that can handle everything from smooth pavements to the most challenging trails. Let’s dive deeper into what makes the Onewheel XR a stalwart of reliability and performance, even when you’re considering a used model.

Rugged Build Quality

  • Trail-Ready Design: The Onewheel XR stands out for its rugged construction. As highlighted by skymonster.com, it’s designed to conquer trails with the same ease as it glides over asphalt. Its sturdy frame and resilient components mean it’s built for the long haul, no matter the terrain.
  • Durability: The XR doesn’t just survive the ride; it thrives. It’s not uncommon to see these boards endure countless rides and still perform as if they’ve just rolled off the production line. This is a board that’s built to last, not just to impress on its first outing.

Battery Life and Mileage

  • Impressive Range: According to Elite Watersports, the Onewheel XR boasts a battery life that offers 12-18 miles per charge. This isn’t just a step up from its sibling, the Onewheel Pint, which offers 6-8 miles; it’s a giant leap for those who crave longer rides and less time tethered to an outlet.
  • Battery Longevity: The lifespan of the XR’s battery is a marvel. Even on the used market, these units maintain their stamina. It’s a testament to the quality of both the battery technology used and the riders who maintain them with care.

The Used Market Advantage

  • Pre-Loved Performance: The used Onewheel XR market is ripe with opportunities for the savvy skater. Well-maintained units continue to deliver the performance they’re known for, often coming from riders who respect and understand the care these boards require.
  • Cost-Effective Riding: Opting for a used XR means getting your hands on a premium riding experience without the premium price tag. It’s a smart move for the budget-conscious rider who doesn’t want to compromise on the thrill of the ride.

The pursuit of a used Onewheel XR is a journey towards securing a piece of electric skateboarding legacy. With a reputation for enduring performance and a build that’s tough as nails, it’s a choice that delivers both adventure and reliability. And for the rider who knows the value of a well-loved board, the used XR offers a chance to join a community of enthusiasts who share a common bond—a love for a board that truly goes the distance.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

When the rubber meets the road—or in this case, the wheel to the trail—a discerning rider weighs the merits of investment against the allure of the new. The Onewheel XR, despite its discontinuation, presents a unique value proposition that goes beyond the initial price tag, especially when you consider the depreciation of electric vehicles and the added value of pre-owned purchases.

Financial Wisdom in the Used Market

  • Depreciation Dynamics: Brand new electric skateboards, like cars, depreciate the moment they’re taken for the first spin. The Onewheel XR, however, sidesteps this steep initial drop in value when bought used, ensuring that your investment retains its worth more effectively over time.
  • Smart Spending: Opting for a used XR isn’t just about saving dollars; it’s about strategic financial planning. When the Onewheel GT and its hefty price point are juxtaposed against a pre-loved XR, as per OCNJ Daily’s insightful comparison, the latter emerges as the savvy choice for the cost-conscious rider.

The XR vs. GT: A Price Point Perspective

  • Maximizing Mileage: The Onewheel XR offers an impressive range of 12-18 miles, a respectable figure when stood next to the Onewheel GT’s 32 miles. But here’s the kicker: the XR achieves this at a fraction of the GT’s cost, making it a champion of both range and frugality.
  • Cost Per Mile: Break down the expenses, and it becomes clear that each mile on a used XR costs significantly less than a mile on a gleaming new GT. It’s this cost-effectiveness that makes the XR a prudent pick for riders who prioritize practicality alongside performance.

Sweetening the Deal with Extras

  • Accessorize and Upgrade: A used Onewheel XR often comes with a hidden benefit: accessories and upgrades. Many sellers throw in custom footpads, fenders, or even high-performance tires, adding tangible value to a purchase that’s already economically advantageous.
  • Personalization at No Extra Cost: These add-ons aren’t just about functionality; they’re a gateway to personalizing your ride. And when they come included with a used XR, you’re effectively getting a tailored riding experience without the extra outlay.

Embarking on the journey of a used Onewheel XR purchase is akin to joining an exclusive club of riders who know value when they see it. This board, with its proven track record, offers more than just savings; it promises continued enjoyment of a beloved ride without the sting of new electric vehicle depreciation. It’s a testament to the fact that sometimes, the best things come not just with a history, but with a thrifty price tag and a suite of unexpected perks.

Rider Experiences and Reviews

The heart of the Onewheel XR’s charm lies not just in the specs and savings but in the stories and experiences of its riders. These testimonials illuminate the real-world thrills and challenges of owning a used Onewheel XR, offering glimpses into the life of a board that’s more than just a vehicle; it’s a companion on the road of adventure.

Wired’s Thrilling Ride

  • Pure Fun on a Wheel: Wired’s coverage of the Onewheel XR paints a picture of pure joy, a gadget that turns sidewalks into surfable waves. Riders rave about the “dangerously fun” nature of the XR, noting its clear app interface and the exhilarating feeling of carving the streets.
  • Sensitivity and Speed: The board’s various speed and sensitivity settings allow for a customizable ride that can be as wild or as mild as the rider desires. It’s this flexibility that makes the XR a hit among both newbies and veterans of the electric board scene.

Distil Union’s Long-Distance Love

  • Marathon Performance: The folks at Distil Union took the Onewheel XR on a 100-mile love affair, pushing the board to limits most casual riders won’t. What they found was a resilient ride that could hit over 20 MPH and still keep the rider grinning.
  • Handling the Distance: Despite the speed, it was the handling through those miles that won them over. The XR’s ability to navigate the nuances of long-distance travel without sacrificing comfort speaks volumes about its engineering.

Reddit’s Real Talk

  • Pint vs. XR: On Reddit, the switch from XR to Pint is often discussed, with many riders weighing in on the pros and cons. While some miss the larger footpads of the XR, the consensus is that the XR offers a less cramped and more comfortable experience.
  • Ease of Use: Redditors don’t hold back, and it’s here that we hear about the XR’s ease of use, with its learning curve being gentle enough for newcomers yet still satisfying for the pros.

Community Wisdom

  • Shared Knowledge: Onewheel riders are a tight-knit bunch, and the community’s willingness to share tips and tricks for maintenance and optimal use is a boon for any new owner of a used XR.
  • Maintenance Tips: From tire pressure adjustments to battery care, the forums and social media groups are treasure troves of information that can help extend the life and maximize the joy of a used Onewheel XR.

In every corner of the internet, from high-profile tech reviews to the bustling forums of passionate riders, the Onewheel XR is lauded for its ability to transform a simple commute into an escapade. Sure, there are critiques—no ride is perfect—but the prevailing sentiment is one of affection for a board that offers more than transportation; it offers an experience. And for those looking to join the ranks of Onewheel enthusiasts, a used XR isn’t just a savvy economic choice, it’s a ticket to an ever-evolving adventure, supported by a community rich in knowledge and camaraderie.

Future Proofing Your Purchase

When the pavement calls, the Onewheel XR has been the go-to for trailblazers and commuters alike. Despite its discontinuation, the XR’s legacy rolls on, powered by a community that’s as resilient as the board itself. The real question is: how does buying a used Onewheel XR stack up in terms of longevity and ongoing support? Let’s break it down, ensuring that your ride doesn’t just echo the past but rides well into the future.

The Legacy of Durability

  • Built to Last: The Onewheel XR wasn’t just another electric board; it was engineered with durability at its core. Reviews, like the one from agnarchy.com, highlight its robustness on various terrains, from city streets to off-road paths.
  • Handling and Longevity: This same review gives props to the XR for its handling and durability, noting that even after extensive use, the board remains reliable. It’s this kind of endurance that makes a used XR a sound purchase.
  • Commitment to Quality: The Onewheel XR’s build quality speaks volumes about Future Motion’s commitment to creating lasting products. This dedication bodes well for those investing in a used XR, promising many more miles of adventure.

Community and Support

  • A Thriving Marketplace: Even with production halted, the Onewheel community thrives. Marketplaces and forums are buzzing with activity, trading parts, advice, and support.
  • Shared Knowledge: The collective wisdom of seasoned riders is an invaluable resource for maintaining and upgrading your XR. It’s this shared knowledge that ensures the longevity of every board, new or used.
  • DIY Spirit: The do-it-yourself ethos runs strong among Onewheel enthusiasts. If you’re willing to get your hands dirty, you’ll find a community ready to help you keep your XR rolling for years to come.

Looking Ahead

  • Technology That Endures: Technology may advance, but the Onewheel XR’s design is timeless. Its simplicity and effectiveness mean that it won’t become obsolete any time soon.
  • Active Forums and Gatherings: With active online forums and local rider gatherings, owning a used Onewheel XR means you’re part of a passionate and helpful community.
  • An Eye on the Horizon: While it’s true that newer models may offer different features, the XR holds its own—a testament to its design and the community that supports it.

Buying a used Onewheel XR is more than a transaction; it’s an entry into a fellowship of riders dedicated to the joy of the ride and the shared spirit of innovation. The board’s robust build, combined with an active community that offers support and shared wisdom, ensures that the XR’s journey doesn’t end just because it’s no longer in production. As you consider the future-proof nature of this purchase, remember that the Onewheel XR isn’t just a board; it’s a lifestyle that endures, evolves, and continues to carve a path forward.

Why Investing in a Used Onewheel XR Makes Sense

Riding the wave of electric boarding isn’t just about keeping up with the latest gadgets; it’s an experience, a culture, and sometimes, a calculated risk. Opting for a used Onewheel XR brings a blend of adrenaline and practicality to the table. Here’s the lowdown on why this discontinued gem remains a hot ticket in the electric skateboarding scene.

The Cost-Effective Thrill Ride

  • Value for Money: Let’s talk dollars and sense. A new electric skateboard or the latest Onewheel models might set you back a pretty penny. A used XR? That’s where savvy riders find value, often including accessories or upgrades already part of the deal.
  • Depreciation Dodged: Like driving a new car off the lot, electric vehicles depreciate. The beauty of a used Onewheel XR? The biggest hit of depreciation has already taken place, leaving you cruising on savings.
  • Accessorize on a Budget: Riders often throw in custom footpads, fenders, or rail guards with the sale. These aren’t just bonuses; they’re the makings of a personalized ride without the added costs.

Safety Doesn’t Take a Back Seat

  • Gear Up: CPSC warnings underscore the importance of safety. Helmets, wrist guards, and elbow pads aren’t optional; they’re essential. Even seasoned riders respect the XR’s power and ride equipped.
  • Informed Riding: Knowledge is power, and power is safe riding. Familiarize yourself with the XR’s handling, respect its capabilities, and always ride within your limits for a safe, exhilarating experience.

Longevity and Performance: The XR Doesn’t Quit

  • Battery Life That Lasts: With 12-18 miles per charge, the XR’s battery life stands tall against the Onewheel Pint and even gives some newer models a run for their money.
  • Rugged and Ready: Whether it’s pavement, dirt, or gravel, the XR is game. The build quality that skymonster.com talks up isn’t just hype; it’s proven resilience on any terrain.
  • Maintenance Community: From Reddit threads to Wired reviews, the rider community is a treasure trove of maintenance tips and tricks to keep your XR in top shape.

A Community That Goes Beyond the Board

  • Shared Passion, Shared Support: The community is the heartbeat of the Onewheel experience. Whether you’re seeking advice, parts, or just a group to ride with, the Onewheel community’s got your back.
  • The Wisdom of Crowds: Tap into the collective knowledge of experienced riders on forums. Their wisdom can guide you through the quirks and features of the XR, ensuring you get the most out of your ride.
  • Ride It Forward: Join the movement. Share your experiences, contribute to the community, and help shape the future of Onewheel riding. Your used XR is your ticket in.

Riding a used Onewheel XR isn’t just about getting from point A to B; it’s about the journey, the community, and the sheer joy of floating. With proper safety measures, an eye for performance, and an appreciation for value, buying used can be your best move. Dive deep into research, join forums, ask questions, and when you’re ready, hit the pavement with confidence. Welcome to the tribe of Onewheel enthusiasts—may your adventures be many and your regrets few.


In conclusion, purchasing a used Onewheel XR can be a savvy move for those seasoned skaters and electric vehicle enthusiasts who crave the thrill and unique riding experience that this device offers. Despite its discontinuation and the safety concerns highlighted by the CPSC, the Onewheel XR continues to captivate riders with its robust build, impressive performance, and suitability for diverse terrains. We’ve delved into the essential safety precautions, discussed the board’s longevity, analyzed the cost-benefit of opting for a used model, and explored rider testimonials to give you a well-rounded perspective on what to expect.

Remember, safety should always be your priority. Equip yourself with the necessary gear and familiarize yourself with safe riding practices to enjoy your rides to the fullest. The financial advantages of buying secondhand are clear, especially when you consider the potential for finding units that come with valuable accessories or upgrades. Plus, the vibrant community of Onewheel enthusiasts is a treasure trove of tips, support, and shared experiences that can greatly enhance your ownership experience.

As you contemplate securing your own used Onewheel XR, consider the future-proofing aspects. The technology’s robustness and the community’s dedication suggest that you’ll enjoy your Onewheel for years to come. With the right care and engagement with fellow riders, you’ll not only join an exciting world of trailblazers but also ensure that your purchase remains a joy rather than a concern.

So, are you ready to carve your own path with a Onewheel XR? Conduct thorough research, reach out to the community for insights, and take the plunge into a riding experience that’s unlike any other. Join forums, attend meet-ups, and swap stories and tips with fellow enthusiasts. Whether you’re commuting, trailblazing, or just cruising around for fun, the Onewheel XR promises to be a companion that brings a new dimension to your rides.

Take action today and join the ranks of riders who’ve transformed the way they move. Seek out your used Onewheel XR and prepare for the ride of your life. Happy riding!

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