Top Accessories for the Onewheel GT-S Series

Today we’re talking about the top 7 accessories for any Onewheel GT-S Series owner. From the protective gear that guards your board against the harshness of the streets to the customizations that scream your unique flair, we’ve got the scoop. We’re talking the low-down on the latest from Craft&Ride and The Float Life, a peek into the insights shared by passionate riders on community forums, and a curated guide to the best of Onewheel GT-S Series add-ons.

Protection and Durability Enhancements

Riders know that the ride doesn’t just end with a great board; it’s also about safeguarding that board for the long haul. The Onewheel GT-S Series, robust as it is, deserves the top-tier armor to shield it from the wear and tear of daily adventures. Let’s break down the essentials:

  • Bang Bumpers: Think of these as the helmet and knee pads for your board. These bumpers are practically a fortress, ready to take the brunt of any impacts you might encounter from those unexpected nosedives or tail drags. Their importance can’t be overstressed, as they preserve the integrity of your ride from both front and rear collisions. Glide over to The Float Life and scope out their collection of Bumpers designed specifically for the GT-S Series.
  • Durable Sidekicks and Rail Guards: It’s inevitable; your board’s going to get dinged and scratched as you challenge the concrete jungle. That’s where sidekicks come into play, forming a protective barrier that keeps those aluminum rails as pristine as the day you unboxed your GT-S. The right rail guards can mean the difference between a board that looks battle-worn and one that maintains its sleek, clean lines no matter the challenges faced.
  • Fenders & Float Plates: We’re talking about two unsung heroes in the world of Onewheel accessories. Fenders are your first line of defense against the debris that your wheel kicks up, keeping you and your board clean. Meanwhile, float plates from Land-Surf go the extra mile by adding a layer of abrasion resistance to the undercarriage. These plates are akin to an off-road vehicle’s skid plate, ensuring that nothing rough underfoot damages the guts of your ride.
  • Aftermarket Handles, like the Maghandle Pro: Ever tried to lug your board around without a handle? It’s like wrestling a greased octopus — awkward and unnecessarily difficult. That’s where the Maghandle Pro steps in, revolutionizing how you carry your board. This handle is a game-changer in the realm of portability and convenience, transforming your GT-S from a ride into a carry-on in an instant.

As you embark on your next ride, remember that these enhancements are more than just accessories; they’re investments in the lifespan and performance of your Onewheel GT-S Series. Gear up, ride hard, and ride on, knowing your board is as ready for the adventure as you are.

Performance Upgrades

Mastering the Onewheel GT-S Series is akin to tuning a high-performance electric skateboard to your unique style and the demands of your environment. It starts with custom footpads. Take the Platysense Footpads from Land-Surf, for example; they’re not just accessories, they’re necessities for the discerning rider looking for improved comfort and control. These footpads, sculpted with precision, offer a tactile interface that translates your body’s slightest movements into fluid motion. The result? Increased confidence and a ride that feels like an extension of yourself. You’ll find them waiting at Land-Surf — a haven for those in pursuit of the pinnacle of board performance.

But what about when the rubber meets the road? Or the trail, for that matter? The GT-S Series allows you to tailor your tire to your terrain. Treaded tires are the go-to for those off-road escapades where grip and stability reign supreme. Meanwhile, slick tires are the urban rider’s best friend, offering a smoother experience on the city’s concrete waves. It’s all about the contact patch and how it translates to traction, and with these upgraded options, you’re the master of your domain.

And let’s not forget the importance of what lies beneath — the aftermarket bearings and bushings. These unsung heroes are the secret sauce to a ride that’s as smooth as it is responsive. They’re the difference between a ride that’s just good and one that’s great. Swap out those stock parts, and feel the difference as your board carves with renewed precision.

But where does the true magic happen? In the digital realm, where software modifications unlock new levels of customization. The savvy Onewheel GT-S community on Reddit knows this well, often sharing insights on how tweaked riding modes and board behaviors can revolutionize the riding experience. It’s about more than just horsepower; it’s about harnessing that power in a way that resonates with your riding ethos.

So, whether you’re craving a cushier footpad, a tire that tackles trails, or a bearing upgrade that blurs the line between board and rider, the right performance upgrades can transform your Onewheel GT-S Series from a mere mode of transport into a majestic ride that’s truly your own.

Battery and Range Extensions

Elevate your ride further with battery and range extensions for the Onewheel GT-S Series. Imagine the freedom of extended rides, the wind in your hair for miles more — it’s not just a dream. The allure of external battery packs is undeniable, offering riders the promise of longer adventures without the constant search for the next power outlet. These packs, while tempting, come with a word of caution: they could void your warranty if not installed correctly or if they aren’t sanctioned by Future Motion.

For those looking to keep their rides within warranty-friendly territories, there’s still hope for faster pit stops. Chargers that eclipse the stock option in speed are a godsend, slashing wait times and getting you back on the pavement faster than you can say “juiced up.” Reputable third-party manufacturers are the key here, offering chargers that are both efficient and in harmony with your Onewheel’s specifications.

But what’s range without efficiency? Keep those tires at the optimal tire pressure detailed in Onewheel’s tire pressure guide for a ride that’s not only smooth but also maximizes every ounce of battery life. It’s a simple tweak — a few pumps here, a gauge check there — and yet, it’s pivotal to squeezing out those extra miles.

And for the downhill enthusiasts, did you know that you’re powering up with every descent? That’s right — regenerative braking turns your thrilling downhill rides into a recharge session, feeding power back into the battery, as noted in Onewheel’s own FAQ. It’s a beautiful cycle: the gravity that pulls you down the slope also gives back to your board, ensuring the ride doesn’t end at the bottom of the hill.

From aftermarket battery packs to speedy chargers, and from meticulous tire maintenance to the magic of regenerative braking, the paths to extending the range of your Onewheel GT-S Series are as varied as the routes you ride. Each choice comes with its considerations, but the payoff is the same: a longer, uninterrupted ride that keeps the stoke alive.

Night Riding and Visibility

When the sun dips below the horizon and the city lights flicker on, the Onewheel GT-S Series transforms into a beacon of the night. For skaters and electric vehicle enthusiasts alike, the thrill of a night ride is unmatched, but it’s not without its risks. Visibility becomes paramount, and that’s where the right accessories can make all the difference.

  • LED strips are the first line of defense in the nocturnal accessory arsenal. These bright, energy-efficient lights can be affixed to the board, creating a glowing outline that makes you unmissable to passersby.
  • Headlamps aren’t just for miners and campers. Strapping one on your helmet or attaching it directly to your Onewheel ensures that not only are you visible, but you can also see the road ahead, dodging obstacles that hide in the night’s shadow.
  • Reflectivity takes the spotlight when it comes to passive illumination. Reflective decals and tapes cling to your Onewheel GT-S, catching the faintest light and throwing it back with intensity. This isn’t just about being seen; it’s about being noticed.
  • Safety gear steps up with reflective elements. A helmet with reflective strips or a vest that catches the light isn’t just an accessory; it’s a statement that you’re a rider who values safety as much as the thrill of the ride.

And let’s not forget, the official Onewheel GT accessories include a suite of lighting solutions tailored for the perfect night riding experience. These aren’t just afterthoughts; they’re purpose-built to ensure that when you ride under the stars, you’re as visible as the brightest constellation. Check out the glowing reviews and experiences shared by the community on Reddit for firsthand accounts of these night-riding game changers.

Night rides are an escape, a way to experience the world when most have turned in for the night. But with the right accessories lighting the way, they can also be safe and exhilarating ventures into the dark. After all, why should the fun set with the sun?

Storage and Transportation Solutions

As the night gives way to the dawn of a new adventure, the savvy Onewheel GT-S rider knows that the journey is as crucial as the ride itself. That’s where the right transport and storage solutions come into play, not just as convenience but as a necessity.

  • Carry bags and cases have evolved beyond mere storage; they’re now designed to cradle your GT-S like a protective cocoon. These aren’t your average bags — they’re engineered with compartments for chargers and tools, ensuring you’re prepped for a ride anytime, anywhere.
  • Car racks and mounts answer the call for those road trip warriors. Whether you’re heading to the beach or the mountains, these mounts secure your Onewheel GT-S to your vehicle, freeing up space inside and making it a breeze to bring your ride along for the journey.
  • Let’s talk collapsible stands — these aren’t just space-savers; they’re the throne upon which your Onewheel GT-S rests at home. They keep your board upright, ready to grab-and-go, turning storage into a display of readiness and style.

When it comes to living that Onewheel life, The Float Life gets it. They’ve crafted a collection of accessories that aren’t just about utility; they’re about embracing the lifestyle that comes with the ride. Peek at their offerings at The Float Life, where you’ll find gear that resonates with the heart of the Onewheel community — accessories that are as much about expression as they are about function.

The right gear turns every outing into an odyssey, and whether it’s a daily commute or a weekend escape, having the perfect storage and transport solutions means your Onewheel GT-S is always by your side, ready to roll.

Customization and Personal Style

Step off the beaten path and turn heads with your Onewheel GT-S Series, not just for its smooth ride, but for its unmistakable look that screams “you”. Customization isn’t just a perk; it’s the soul of personal expression on wheels.

  • Skins, wraps, and decals: These aren’t mere stickers; they’re your board’s battle dress. With an extensive palette of designs, your Onewheel GT-S becomes a canvas for your personality. Whether it’s a sleek carbon fiber look, a vibrant artistic print, or a custom image that tells your story, these accessories transform your ride into a mobile masterpiece.
  • Colored grip tapes: Grip tape is no longer just about ensuring your feet stay put; it’s about color coordination and style. From neon bursts to subtle hues, the grip tape options available are not just about safety but about fashion. They set the tone for your board’s overall vibe and are as essential as the shoes on your feet.
  • Bumpers and fenders: These are the accessories that bear the brunt of your adventures. Available in an array of colors, they do more than protect; they accentuate. Choose shades that complement or contrast your board’s theme for a look that’s as bold or as understated as you desire.
  • Custom footpads: Performance meets artistry here. The right footpads cradle your feet for those long rides, but their importance doesn’t end at comfort. With designs ranging from futuristic to rustic wood, these footpads are the final piece in the puzzle of your Onewheel GT-S’s identity.

Dive into the thriving Onewheel community on platforms like Reddit, where limited-edition designs and collaborations spring to life. These community-driven accessories are more than just gear; they’re a part of a collective identity, shaped by riders, for riders. They represent a culture that values the uniqueness of every member and their ride.

Your Onewheel GT-S Series isn’t just a means to glide from point A to B; it’s a statement, a moving testament to your individuality. Personalize it, make it unmistakably yours, and let the world see the rider behind the ride.

Essential Accessories for the Onewheel GT-S Series: Enhancing Your Ride

Accessorizing your Onewheel GT-S Series is more than a frivolous pursuit; it’s a strategic approach to elevate your ride’s performance, ensure your safety, and stamp your identity on your board. Here’s why you should consider gearing up:

  • Performance: Accessories like the Craft&Ride Bash Bumpers not only protect your board but also add a layer of customization that makes your ride truly yours. High-quality footpads can drastically improve comfort and board control, ultimately enhancing your riding experience.
  • Safety: Fenders and float plates from Land-Surf not only safeguard your board’s undercarriage but also keep you clean and dry, so you can focus on the ride, not the road debris. Reflective tapes and lighting solutions contribute to visibility, ensuring you can ride long after the sun dips below the horizon.
  • Personal Expression: The Onewheel GT-S Series is your canvas, and accessories are your paint. From vibrant skins and wraps to custom footpads from platforms like Reddit, make a statement and ride in style.
  • Community Wisdom: The Onewheel community is a goldmine of information and experience. Platforms like Craft&Ride and Reddit are not just for purchasing accessories; they’re spaces to share, learn, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Delve into reviews, ask questions, and get insights that can only come from those who ride the electric wave every day.
  • Trusted Suppliers: The importance of quality cannot be overstressed. Choosing accessories from reputable suppliers ensures compatibility and longevity, saving you from the hassle of frequent replacements and potential safety risks.

As riders, we are a part of a larger collective, each with unique preferences and styles. Share your favorite Onewheel GT-S accessories and tips in the forums. Your insights could be the guiding light for a new rider or the spark for the next big accessory trend. Together, we create a tapestry of experiences that enriches our collective journey on the Onewheel GT-S Series. Keep riding, keep sharing, and let the good times roll.

Conclusion – Accessorizing your Onewheel GT-S Series is more than just a way to protect your investment; it’s an opportunity to take your riding to new levels of performance, safety, and personalization. Whether you’re navigating rocky terrains with enhanced durability gear, extending your adventures with battery upgrades, or expressing your unique style through customizations, the right accessories can transform your experience. Remember, quality and compatibility are key when selecting products, so trust in reputable suppliers and the shared wisdom of the Onewheel community. Dive into forums, engage with fellow riders on platforms like Craft&Ride and Reddit, and utilize product reviews to make well-informed choices that resonate with your riding style and needs.

Are you ready to elevate your Onewheel GT-S adventure and join a passionate community of like-minded enthusiasts? Share your favorite accessories, exchange tips, and showcase your personalized ride! Reach out to us, visit our curated collection of top-tier Onewheel accessories, and let’s keep the wheels rolling towards the ultimate electric skateboarding experience. Ride on with confidence, style, and the perfect gear tailored just for you and your Onewheel GT-S Series.

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