Onewheel Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy Onewheel?

Onewheels are sold on Future Motions website and they engage a network of global authorized dealers

Are Onewheels difficult to ride?

No prior expertise is required to ride the Onewheel, but it does take a bit of guidance and practice. The Onewheel is equipped with advanced technology that actively assists in maintaining balance, which makes it easy to jump on and go. Similar to other board sports, it does take some time and dedication to master the art, but most get a good idea of the fundamentals within about 15 minutes. When I teach friends and family it only takes a few minutes before they’re cruising around.

Can I try Onewheel before I buy?

I recommend you do! Onewheel’s are a ton of fun, but you want to be sure before you pull that thousand dollar trigger. Future Motion has retailers all over the world and most of them offer Onewheel demos. Future Motion has a store locator you can use to see if someone can hook you up.  Sometimes Future Motion or other 3rd parties will host events, so that could also be a good place to try them out.

What is the difference between Onewheel+ XR and Onewheel Pint?

Onewheel+XR and Onewheel Pint are both incredible in their own ways, but have some key differences to suit different riders. Future Motion describes their boards like this:

“Pint is pure joy. It’s smaller, lighter, and a bit easier to take with you for life on-the-go. It has a zippy, playful, and responsive ride feel which pairs well with coffee runs, driveway shenanigans, and momentary escapes from reality. It’s got a top speed of 16mph and gets about 8 miles per charge. At $1050, Pint offers an incredible riding experience at an unbeatable value.”

“Onewheel GT is the flagship product and the world’s ultimate shredding machine. With a top speed of 20mph and a range of 20-32 miles per charge, GT is built for big adventures and long commutes. With a slightly bigger tire, GT offers a more plush riding experience and a little more power which makes it the clear choice for off-road riding. Onewheel GT represents the pinnacle of riding technology, refuses to compromise, and checks in at $2,200.”

All the boards Future Motion makes are built in the USA at a factory located in San Jose, California and offer a year-long warranty. A full comparison of the boards can be found here.

What comes in the box? (Onewheel GT)

Onewheel GT will ship stock with your Onewheel equipped with Bumpers and Footpads. The box will include a Home Charger, an Owner’s Manual, and stickers.

Does my Onewheel come with a charger?

Yep. All Onewheel models come with chargers.

Do I need to charge my Onewheel out of the box?

Your Onewheel will arrive to you at a partial charge and as someone who took it out of the box and rode without charging, I recommend a charge first. Mine died on the side of the road. Don’t be me.

Will Onewheel Chargers work in any country? 

Yep. Onewheel Chargers are multi-voltage and will work in any country. For non-US outlets an adapter may be needed.

What shoes are best for riding Onewheels?

I recommend firm skate shoes with flat bottoms and good protection. I usually ride in vans or running shoes, depending on the location, but both are great.

What’s the minimum age to ride Onewheel?

Future Motion says “Onewheels are recommended for riders 14 years of age and older. Lighter riders may struggle to engage the board, so we recommend trying a board to make sure your child can ride safely.” I agree, but I’ve seen lots of kids riding and I ride with my kids on my board and they love it at ages 2 and 4.

What’s the maximum age to ride Onewheel?

There isn’t a max age. I’ve seen people of all ages. Future Motion even made a video of 86 year old, Shreddin Eddie.

What is the weight limit for Onewheels?

Future Motion suggests a rider weight limit of 275 lbs. You can probably get away with it at heavier weights, but range and ride might be different. Heavier riders may notice decreased range and hill climbing capability.

Can Onewheels go up hills?

They sure can, and the GT climbs like a boss. Future Motion doesn’t suggest going up more than a 15% grade, but I’ve definitely climbed a lot steeper than that. Onewheel’s have regenerative braking so you can recharge on the way down. 

What is Regenerative Braking? 

Future Motion says “Onewheels have Regenerative Braking which gives your Onewheel battery extra juice while you brake/slow down, especially going down hill. We recommend riders that live on top of hills to toggle on the Charging State Warning to notify them when their board gets to a 90% charge. This can prevent the board from overcharging (charging past 100% due to regenerative breaking) when traveling downhill on a full charge.”

Can Onewheels go off-road?

Yes, Onewheels can go off-road and can tackle almost any terrain. In fact, I almost always prefer to ride off road, I love mountain bike trails, but I have to be very aware of the difficulty, because mountain bike trails are not Onewheel trails for lots of reasons.

How do I get off?

You should ask this before getting on a board. To get off a Onewheel you need to slow to a stop and remove your foot from one side of the rider detect area (front footpad). Onewheel Pint and GT come equipped with Simplestop which allows riders to stop by simply leaning backward slowly and allowing the tail to gradually drop. Future Motion also recommends riders learn to jump off with both feet in case they’re ever off-balanced. Nothing wrong with this, but always remove both feet at the same time. The motor will remain on if you keep your front foot on the rider detect area. Remember, you are more expensive than your Onewheel. Bail early and bail often.

How do I clean my Onewheel?

You can keep your board sparkly clean! Try using a damp cloth to wipe down your rails and tire and a grip tape eraser for your footpads. You’d also be amazed at what a fresh set of Footpads will do to freshen up your board. I’ve also just used the hose to clean mine off, but I’d be careful doing that.

How do I register my Onewheel?

You can register your board with Onewheel Utah here and make sure to also register with Future Motion here.

How fast do Onewheels go?

Onewheel Pint can go up to 16 mph and Onewheel GT can go up to 20 mph, but top speed will vary depending on rider weight, Digital Shaping mode, terrain, slope, tire pressure, etc. I’ve seen people hit a lot faster on both boards, but do so at your own risk. You can max out the power of the board at lower speeds depending on all of these factors so make sure to respect your board’s Pushback warning. Pushback will tell you when you are reaching the board’s limits. When you start to feel Pushback, you need to lean back and slow down.

What is Pushback?

Future Motion says “Pushback is a safety feature that lets the rider know they have reached the limits of the board and that they need to lean back and slow down. During Pushback, the nose of the board will lift gradually, signaling the rider to shift their weight back to slow down. It is absolutely critical to rider safety that Pushback is always respected. Pushback is not an arbitrary speed limit that we have decided upon to hold you back. It defines the actual limit that the board can safely go based on a number of parameters including tire pressure, rider weight, terrain, speed, charge levels, etc. If riders choose to ignore the Pushback warning and continue to lean forward, they can get seriously injured. If you’d like to watch tutorial videos, including one on Pushback, check out this link here.

You will also experience a Pushback warning when your Onewheel is running out of battery or in an overcharge situation (your board is charged to 100% and you go down hill, overcharging the battery). In these instances, it’s important to lean back to slow down to a stop and then dismount the board.”

Can I fly with my Onewheel?

Future Motion made some comments “Currently, airlines are extremely cautious when it comes to battery-powered devices for both carry-on or checked baggage and the answer varies based on your board model. We recommend contacting your airline and airport directly before traveling with  Onewheel Pint. Due to the battery size of bigger Onewheels, you would not be able to fly with it on commercial airlines.That’s why we generally ground ship our boards through FedEx in travel situations!

I wrote a whole post on this topic that you can check out here.

Are Onewheels waterproof?

No. Onewheels are water-resistant, not waterproof. That’s why I’m careful around water and on beaches and when cleaning. They can withstand some moisture, but take extra caution when riding in or near water and drying your board completely before charging to avoid damage. Also know that if your board gets wet and you need service Future Motion might consider your warranty void if they detect water damage, so be extra careful within the first year of your board.

Can I Onewheel in the cold?

Yes I wrote a whole post about it here. Be aware that riding in colder temperatures can affect the performance of the board. I often find my board will not start well in the cold or disengages earlier than I want when it’s cold out. One key thing is to make sure the board is always being stored inside a temperature controlled environment, not left in uninsulated areas for extreme heat or cold. Another mistake I made is keeping my Onewheel Pint in the garage and it wouldn’t start when spring came around. Keeping your board in the cold can cause damage to your tire, motor, and battery. You may receive an error message if your battery level is too cold or runs out of power prematurely. In that case, you’ll need to bring it back inside.

Can I ride my Onewheel in snow?

Future Motion says “Be very careful when riding on ice or snow, it can be slippery. Also be aware that riding in colder temperatures can affect the performance of the board. Keeping your board in the cold can cause damage to your tire, motor, and battery. You may receive an error message if your battery level is too cold or runs out of power prematurely. In that case, you’ll need to bring it back inside.

Also keep in mind that when snow melts, it becomes water. Electronics and water aren’t good friends.”

Can I ride Onewheel on the beach?

I don’t usually recommend it for a few reasons. First, lots of salt and sand that can ruin several pieces of your board including your bearings. I don’t personally ride on the beach.

Can I ride Onewheel on any terrain?

Onewheels are built like tanks. They have a direct-drive hub motor that has no moving parts so you can ride over any terrain without much fear of damaging your board. All Onewheels are water resistant and can withstand some moisture. Take care when riding in or near water and drying off your Onewheel completely before charging to avoid damage. 

How should I store my Onewheel when I’m not using it? 

For long term Onewheel storage, make sure to charge your Onewheel between 30-50%. Store it in a dry place in a temperature controlled environment. Check monthly to ensure your battery remains between 30-50%. 

Why isn’t my Onewheel engaging? Instructions from Future Motion:

  • Is your Onewheel switched on using the power switch on the side? If it is, the power button LED or Lightbar will be illuminated.
  • Is the power button LED on your XR or Lightbar on your Pint blinking? If the power button LED on your Onewheel+ XR is blinking or the Lightbar on your Onewheel Pint is yellow or red, it is indicating an error. Consult the user manual for an explanation of the blink code and how to solve it. You can also connect to the Onewheel App to see any error codes displayed on your phone. Remember: Onewheels must be switched on when sitting on the ground and you must not touch the rider detect area when powering on. The board will not engage if any errors are present.
  • Is your foot fully on the front footpad? Make sure to have a proper stance because your foot must be touching both halves of the front footpad for your Onewheel to engage. Some soft-soled footwear or lightweight riders may not properly engage the footpad and need to try different shoes or stances to make sure they are putting enough weight on the foot pad 
  • Is your battery charged? When you have a low battery, your Onewheel will not begin balancing. Please recharge your board.
  • Have you come up to level in a slow and controlled fashion? The board’s balancing algorithms do not engage until you’ve come up to a level orientation. Coming up too quickly can also prevent your Onewheel from engaging properly. 

Why is my Onewheel making a weird noise?

This could indicate anything from rocks in the fender to a needed repair. If you need support, submit a Customer Support ticket with a video and your board’s serial number to proceed.

The lights on my Onewheel aren’t turning on?

One thing to double check is the light toggle in the Onewheel App. If you go to the main board page when the board is connected, you should see a small sun icon in the top right corner.  Be sure it is toggled on. If the issue continues, please submit a Customer Support ticket with a video showing the board powering on but the LEDs not working and your board’s serial number to proceed.

Can I overcharge my Onewheel?

Nope, you can leave your board plugged in without issue. In fact, it is healthy for the battery to be left on for an extended period of time (overnight, etc.) every couple of weeks to balance the battery’s charge. Don’t leave your board on a charger indefinitely.

What is the Onewheel App?

The Onewheel App works in conjunction with your Onewheel for an awesome riding experience. Use it to check your battery life/range, footpad engagement, change your Digital Shaping mode and more. If you choose to create a Rider Profile in the app it will allow you to track your progress on various achievements and if you want, engage with other riders, view group rides, and compare your riding with the rest of the Onewheel Community!

How do I connect my Onewheel to the Onewheel App?

  • Download the Onewheel App on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Toggle on Bluetooth in your phone/smart device settings.
  • Open the Onewheel App.
  • Hold your phone/smart device near the Onewheel.
  • In the Onewheel App, you will see an option to connect to your board.
  • Click your board’s serial number on the app and you should be all set! 

Note: Do not try to connect via the Bluetooth settings on your phone, rather, do so through the Onewheel app itself. A Onewheel can only be paired to one smart device at a time. If you wish to connect to s different 

Do Onewheels need regular maintenance?

Nope! They’re built like tanks. Still, if you ever need a repair or tune-up feel free to reach out to Customer Support or purchase a tune-up/service package here

When should I service my Onewheel?

There is no set time in which you should service your Onewheel and will vary depending on how much you ride, the terrain you ride in, and how hard you ride. Keep an eye on your tire and bearings and other moving parts. In my experience after a year or 2 you might want to upgrade or change pieces.

What’s the best PSI for my Onewheel?

I wrote a whole post on this which you can find here. 20 PSI is best for the overall range, function, and life of your Onewheel and tire. Some riders like to slightly deflate the tire for their off-road adventures.

How do I change my Onewheel tire?

Check out this post here for details on how to change your tire.

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