I Killed My Onewheel GT (Hall Effect Sensor Broke?)

You read it right, I’m not sure what happened, but I killed it.

Here’s the story:

I took my Onewheel GT for a ride at the Lagoon Trail here in Farmington Utah, I ride this trail all the time.

This trail connects to The Farm in Farmington Utah, so it’s a great ride.

I had ridden the whole Lagoon trail, and just finished riding The Farm trail and was on my way down back to my car, I had about 2 miles to get to where I had parked.

Going down the hill, my board started making a clicking noise, almost like a stick got stuck under my fender or something.

I started to slow down so I could figure out what was wrong when the board disengaged and lurched forward.

I’m not sure if the board was trying to accelerate or what was going on, but the tail slammed down and I almost fell.

I was able to jump off the board safely, and kick it at the same time, knocking the board on its side and getting it under control.

It could’ve been a lot worse, but my adrenaline was pumping, especially after hearing so many ghosting stories.

I wondered if this was what it was like to be on the board when it ghosted.

I tried to turn the board back on and got a flashing red light and a notification on my phone that said:

“There is something wrong with your motor, please double check it’s properly connected and switch your Onewheel off and back on.”

Well crap.

So I hide my Onewheel in the bushes, call my wife and tell her I’m gonna be a little late and start the 2 mile walk back to my car.

A short 40 minute walk later on a 102 degree day I get to my car, head back to my Onewheel and head home.

I reached out to Future Motion to see what was going on.

While I waited for them to respond I did some research.

I stumbled upon these sites that helped me identify that 11 red flashing LEDs means there’s a Hall Sensor Error.

So I tried to disconnect the motor cable, clean it and reconnect it, and the board still wouldn’t work.

Future Motion finally got back to me, asked me to go through a few troubleshooting steps and send them diagnostics from my app.

After sending the diagnostics they asked me to send the board in to them.

So that’s where were at.

The next challenge is to find a box big enough to ship the board and figure out what happens next.

What is the Hall Sensor?

“The Onewheel has a Hall Effect sensor that measures output voltage as a response to a magnetic field that determines positioning and speed.”

So now what?

Now I ship my board back to Future Motion and see what happens.

I’ll post updates as they happen!

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