Firmware Friday Update 5/24/24 Update 6.1.61

What’s new?

Update number 6.1.61

  • Improve landing characteristics of board.
  • Improve riding through chatter or rough terrain, improves stability
  • Gradient tracking allows riders to anticipate a change in grade (uphill or down) and allows the nose of the board to hedge accordingly
  • Dim LED lightbar lights
  • New GT orders will come with the performance treaded tire
  • New torque headroom feature
  • Green when not moving, tells you how much torque you have left. Yellow means you’re using a lot, and red means too much. Purple for breaking that corresponds to breaking strength.
  • Accounts for speed, battery and other factors
  • Good for new riders trying to understand their board better visually
  • Also good for advanced riders because it provides more data
  • Available on GT and GTS and maybe Pint eventually.

Don’t get lost in your phone will riding.

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