6 Steps To Land A Curb Nudge On A Onewheel

Performing a curb nudge on a Onewheel allows you to smoothly transition from riding on the street or sidewalk to hopping up and over curbs. It’s a useful skill to have, especially when you encounter obstacles during your rides.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do a curb nudge on a Onewheel:

  • Approach the curb fast.
  • Just before you get to the curb, slide your weight back and raise the front of the board as if trying to skid stop.
  • You’re goal is to get the tire to hit the curb.
  • Once your tire has hit the curb, stomp down with your front foot and slide forward. This motion can be practice by turning your board off and stepping onto the board like normal. Slam your front foot down with your board off. This is how it should feel when curb nudging.
  • As your Onewheel climbs the curb, allow your legs to bend slightly to absorb the impact and maintain balance. This will help you smoothly transition onto the curb without losing control.
  • Once you’ve successfully navigated the curb, shift your weight back to a centered position, regain balance, and continue riding.

Tips for a successful curb nudge:

  • Start with small curbs: When you’re beginning to learn the curb nudge technique, start with small curbs and gradually work your way up to larger obstacles.
  • Practice timing and coordination: The key to a smooth curb nudge is timing and coordination between lifting the nose, guiding the board, and absorbing the impact. Practice these movements to improve your technique.
  • Bend your knees: Keeping your knees slightly bent helps with stability and absorbing the impact of the curb nudge.
  • Maintain control and balance: Focus on maintaining control and balance throughout the maneuver. Stay relaxed, engage your core muscles, and keep your body centered over the Onewheel.
  • Practice and repetition: Like any skill, mastering the curb nudge takes practice. Find safe areas to practice and gradually build your confidence.

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